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so glad you're here! lgbtss is located in malone 201f. here we provide direct support for lgbt+ students, staff, faculty, and allies!

to contact the lgbtss interim director, marc cooper, directly, email [email protected]!

look below to get involved with our lgbt+ student rso's and spaces!

"mutual aid is the radical act of caring for each other while working to change the world." dean spade
keep anya housed !! || venmo @anyamichelebuy from athena's wishlist || venmo @gabbykaatzhelp queer armenian recover from car accident || venmo is @alinam97aid my best friend in a car crash recoveryhelp Black transmasc get top surgerydonate to jermaine's cancer treatmenthow to budget sustainably for mutual aid

this is a student compiled resource recommended by somewhere under the rainbow and transcendence members:
resources from the la tenants unionground game la's guide on dealing with landlordsnational queer and trans therapist of color networkCOLORS Youth- Colors LGBTQ Youth Counseling Servicestrans defense fund lapronouns dressing roomif you are a LGBT+/Questioning student of color at LMU and in need of funds for whatever reasons, request from CRIME's QTPOC Wellness Fund. here is extra info on requesting from the fund!
if you need something we don't have, reach out to CRIME at [email protected], and we can try to get you connected to some resources!
anonymous feedback form for lgbt+ orgs/spaces

For Black History Month 2021, Black Queer Space created Poetry & Pose, a month long celebration of our member's poetry, artwork, and photography.

We are currently selling copies of Poetry & Pose: An Anthology, a culmination of the art that came out of that month. In addition, a variety of merchandise and a photoset are available to purchase.

All proceeds of our merchandise go to a mutual aid fund.
Poetry & Pose Purchase Form (Paperback, Photoset)Black Queer Space Merch Store (Apparel, Stickers, Ebook)

Black Queer Space
Black Queer Space is a closed space for Black LGBT+/Questioning students at LMU. Within this space, we liberate ourselves from the anti-Blackness within the queer community and anti-queerness in the Black community as well as empower one another to explore, create, and thrive as Black queer individuals.

support our work, poetry & pose

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CRIME (Caring Radically In Marginalized Environments)
CRIME is a non-LMU affiliated student group open to LGBT+/Questioning folks that enacts community care and mutual aid for QTPOC (Queer and Trans POC) students. We are always open to collaborations and new members!

donate to the QTPOC mutual aid fund's GoFundMevenmo the QTPOC mutual aid fundbuy a crime sticker!request money from the QTPOC mutual aid fund - open to all LGBT+/Questioning POC at LMUcheck out queer's closet!

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QTPOC (Queer and Trans POC) space
qtpoc space is a closed space for LGBT+/Questioning POC at lmu. we center healing, wellness, and mutual aid and hope to create community where we can unpack the intersectionalities of being queer and poc and share our different wisdom and experiences.

request money from the QTPOC mutual aid fund - open to all LGBT+/Questioning POC at LMUqtpoc book club reading listget organized!gender reflection questions

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somewhere under the rainbow
Somewhere Under the Rainbow (SUR) serves to foster a community for the general LGBTQ+ student body of LMU by providing a safe and supportive environment for meeting new people. We use Discord as a social network. In the upcoming semester, we plan to have a number of fun in-person gatherings!

email us at [email protected]join our groupmejoin our discord chat!follow us at our instagram

transcendence is a community space to celebrate trans, including nonbinary, genderqueer, and questioning, people! it is open to everyone! we do reflections, hang out, trade knowledge, and offer support for trans folks!

email template for trans students- tell your profs your pronouns and name before the semester begins!how to change ur name on leolmu name change initiative (allows u to change ur name on prowl, email directory, one card, brightspace, etc.)dead name remover (chrome extension)transcendence community guidelines

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